It Is Rain In My Face.

I'm proud to announce the next tape coming out in August, featuring the budding electro-blues funneled from a Brooklyn bonfire, Mat Jones presents 12 new tracks from the new self-titled release from It Is Rain In My Face.

The glamorous group over at Decoder Magazine were kind enough to premiere the first single off the upcoming album entitled "Duck In A Row".

To kick off the cassette release, It Is Rain In My Face. will be playing a secret basement show with Pressed And and Romantic States on August 17 at the Dougout in Washington, DC.

Lastly, the free cassette giveaway is still going on. Simply  our Facebook page then post your 2012 album-of-the-year to be automatically signed up for a chance to win a tape prize package containing stickers, buttons, and copies of each of our first four releases.


Mountain River

Adam Torres's self-titled cassette release is available now, and "Mountain River" is the opening track. The piece showcases Torres's seraphic falsetto and warm melodies over affectionate undertones. The tape includes seven of Adam's wholly heartfelt songs professionally dubbed and pressed on ruby-red shells, limited to 50 copies. Grab this one while you can.

"Adam Torres recorded and led the band Nostra Nova in the mid-2000s. The Spanish term, Duende, coined by Garcia Lorca comes to mind. Some people just have this thing. It’s that inherent sadness that stops us in our tracks to commune with the glory and hope of our own selves. At Haffa’s, the local record store in Athens, OH, I once found the clerk with his head in his arms at the counter, listening to Adam’s music. When he saw me, we both laughed, knowing that we were well taken care of." - Miles Down Records