Today is Record Store Day 2014 and if you haven't seen the list of exclusive releases, you may want to take a glance and get in line at your local shop before all the goods are gone forever. I'm excited to check out my favorite spots in the district including Red Onion, Smash!, SomCrooked Beat and Joint Custody to grip some vinyl. Check out what these and some of the other stores around town have planned in this guide written by my buddy Matt for DCist.

The next show at the Dougout is just around the corner and will be featuring some garage scuzz punk from local favorites Foul Swoops, Chicago scumlords Flesh Panthers, new district transplants Neonates, and ex-shitstains Sneaks from Baltimore. The gig is set for May 1, more information can be found here.


i didn't ask your permission

With The Sweets cassettes having all sold out, and Easily Suede tapes following in suit, production on the next DZ release is right around the corner. While no pertinent details can be made available just yet, there will be more to share later this month. For now, take a look at the new video for "Sister":

Friends of the label Wildhoney are one of Baltimore's finest shoegazing noise pop punk bands, and they've got a brand new 7" release coming out on Photobooth Records. The "Seventeen Forever" single will feature 3 new tracks and is set to drop this oh-so-special Sunday, April 20.

Lastly, thanks to the Washington City Paper for the shout-out to the Dougout in their Best of D.C. feature! It's an honor to be recognized and we look forward to supporting live music in the district for as long as we're able to.


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Seasons are shifting and cultures are changing, but things are mostly just as they've always been. DZ TAPES was spawned from the love of sharing music and continues to live on through the very support I was hoping to provide for artists with the smoldering ashes that this label rose up from. That being said, from here on out all releases will be available for free on the bandcamp page, as they should have always been. I also want to thank all the bands and to everyone who braved the weather to come out for the show on Saturday, especially those who donated to the bands and bought merch. The only way good things like this are able to happen is with support from the fans.

The Sweets have really been laying down the jams in 2014 with the Greatest Hits anthology, split cassette with Petey, and blue glow-in-the-dark 7" from Bleeding Gold. This weekend they'll be taking to the stage at Phuzz Phest 2014 in Winston Salem with a slew of great acts from far and wide, headlined by White Fence, No Age, and Kool Keith, and featuring Ex Hex, Diarrhea Planet, Secret Boyfriend and more. Check out the full lineup here and grip a copy of the new 7" before you're left alone in the dark.