DZ TAPES is proud to bring to you a new addition to your summer cassette rotation. Seabright's new album "Tomorrow" was released digitally earlier this month, but tapes are now available and will be shipping soon! To celebrate, Justin will be taking to the stage with Silent Pictures in San Jose and everybody from the Bay Area is going to be there, so check out the show at The Blank Club this Saturday.

Across the pond, Birkwin Jersey and friend J Biscuits have teamed up on a new Split EP now freely available. The two have also joined forces with Vienna on her project Partpanda and released a slow glitched-out funk single "Way Back When", the video of which can be seen below:


friday night fun

Come out this Friday, July 19 for another boisterous show at the Dougout, featuring three terrific out-of-town talents and one local band who's really making a name for themselves. Check out the lineup below and click here for more details.

♯ Adelyn Rose (Eau Claire, WI)
♯♯ Cult & Leper (Boston, MA)
♯♯♯ Film Strip (Cleveland, OH)
♯♯♯♯ Two Inch Astronaut (Silver Spring, MD)


Tomorrow Comes Today

It's been a long time coming but the latest DZ TAPES full-length release is out now, showcasing San Jose producer Justin Morales, better known as Seabright. "Tomorrow" features Justin conjuring up a blend of psychedelic pop music for digital dreams by fusing flourishing laptop production with multi-layered live analog manipulation. Many of the tracks are built on a foundation of layered guitars, looped vocals and harmonized synthesizers, then melded together with a collection of samples and noise to construct a brisk and revitalizing soundtrack for a serene summer day surfing circuits both inside and outside.

The album was premiered yesterday on Decoder and is now available for download. A limited run of 50 cassettes will start shipping later this month and can be ordered here.

"The shoegaze-pop jams of San Jose dreamer Justin Morales are just perfect for the mid-summer blues, when it’s almost too hot to go outside but much too pretty to stay inside. With 'Tomorrow' on the horizon we can slip into a cool, refreshing sound that turns sweat to lemonade and stings the eyes slightly before quenching the tongue." - Decoder

One more shout out goes to our friends at Ad Hoc for their write-up of the music video for It Is Rain In My Face.'s "Duck In A Row", which they say "offers a visual exploration of the rhythms and ambience dictated by the song, using rhythmic editing and a color palette lush with green. Delving into both artistic manipulation of perspective and our physical manipulation of the world-- or in this case, of snow-- the video is a cerebral backdrop for Jones' experimental pop."