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i've got a small litter of DZ01 pups looking for a good home, check out the shop and act fast to get your hands on one of the final copies from this severely limited supply!

all three tapes are currently in stock and out now, on the cheapsies for keepsies. choose any two tapes and get a DZTAPES button and sticker to boot!

there are a few projects in the works for 2012 that i'm very excited about. barring any further financial setbacks, look out for more releases soon to come!


tapes tapes tapes

Shipping on all orders is picking up steam! Sorry for the delays, but I'm shipping things out in waves so keep an eye on your mailbox!

I also wanna thank Stephanie at Impose Magazine for the nice chat over coffee.


unschärfe / shimmer

Split hexyclical sides sift through subtle sounds of seasonal shifts, from hot to cool and cold to warm.

GHOSTANDTHESONG conjures a saturated psych-lo-funk/neo-surrealist-punk sunshower, the perfect cooldown for a squelchy joyride through woodland creeks canopied in summer sunset. Before nightfall, find a spot to lie back and let crisp autumn riffs and ritualistic rhythms of the rolling river cleanse your heavy heart and hazy mind. With the cold creeping closer, come back to consciousness and follow the siren to shelter.

Avoid the frost on the trek to refuge and wait out the winter with CHRIS REHM. Whispering winds of ambient-ghost-folk drown out all cognizance, but the thaw comes in a shimmering daze. Awaken to sunlight's fingers lifting your lids and softly strumming the icicles in your ears. Rise up and return to the river to replenish that spring spirit of roving revitalization. Get solar, take a quick dip and cycle on.

UNSCHÄRFE: eine romantische feier der kaputtheit. eskapismus mit darauffolgendem realitätsverlust. die katze aß das antidepressiva des onkels, nachdem ich sie ihm geschenkt hatte, weil er sich so alleine fühlte und starb. sind wir nun entkommen? ist noch adrenalin übrig? gibt es nicht genug leute die etwas sauberes machen wollen? recorded 2010 in different rooms and places around freiburg and berlin. this is the beginning of neo-surrealistic punk!

SHIMMER: written and recorded in 2009-2010, through a number of different dorm rooms, bedrooms, and bike rides in new orleans. with one heavily-effected improvised guitar & vocals take as an atmospheric constant throughout the side, i've intermittently placed snapshot ideas in song form on religion, display & perception, and two songs about one girl.

limited to 100, out november 11


dress to fail

ghostandthesong "dress to fail"
from upcoming 'unschärfe / shimmer' split c30 w/ chris rehm



Please enjoy the final tracklist for the DYVNZMBR community compilation. The final tape mix is edited differently, so consider this a preview. 8] Submissions include tracks from the following artists:




first, i'd like to thank everyone who pre-ordered the DYVNZMBR community compilation for your continued patience and support. it's been almost four months since funding was secured, and finally the project has been sent out for production.

if you pre-ordered the cassette, please keep an eye on your inbox for an email survey from kickstarter regarding your shipping information. shipping is expected to begin mid-to-late november.

stay tuned for a stream of the final mix, coming soon!


never fun

ghostandthesong "never fun"
from upcoming split c30 w/ chris rehm

never fun from DAYVAN ZOMBEAR on Vimeo. video by Marcus Grysczok



ghostandthesong | chris rehm

unschärfe | shimmer




"It seems the Ramones made it through the Iron Curtain. Fresh from the Motherland comes Wavepool Abortion, the reverb-drenched duo with proto-punk on the brain. Tracks like “I Want to Die” and “Snuggle & Die” prove the high schoolers have at least made light of a name that lost nothing in translation. The lyrics of “Go Away” are indeed in English, though buried in upbeat fuzz, and a poppy guitar line pokes its way through the drum machine when it feels so inclined. Grab the very limited, 14-song cassette release on DC-based DZ TAPES."

03 Go Away by dayvanzombear



"While we certainly can take a joke and have a laugh at our own duped expense; those pranksters are lucky we are such big fans of their strange, yet melodic whirlpool-spiral fuzz riffs that we decided to debut "Splish Splash" here from their upcoming album. The sound hinges on the shambles that pours heaps of distortion over pleasant and upbeat melodies and vocal deadpans."

Impose Magazine

07 Splish Splash by dayvanzombear



DZ02 now shipping

Shipping To:

$6.75 to the US

$7.75 anywhere else

ltd. 100 copies
pro-dubbed from russia w/ love



"From Moscow with strange love comes Wavepool Abortion, a pop punk duo that consists of friends Pyotr Reznikov and Matvei Solovyov. Their self-titled debut comes our ways August 23 on DZ Tapes on both digital and cassette with bouncy hits like "I Want to Die," "Real Blood," "Snuggle and Die" and post-soviet angst kindly sung in English for us non-Russian-speaking listeners. Get your first taste with the pogo fuzz of "I Want to Die" that will contrarily instill a fondness for life on a visceral, newfound level of appreciation."
Impose Magazine
08 I Want To Die by dayvanzombear



while pre-pro for DZ01 is still wrapping up, DZ02 has been sent for production and is due out in mid-august:

Wavepool Abortion (ЖЕРТВА АБОРТА) is a new and exciting proto-pop-punk band featuring Pyotr Reznikov (guitar/vocals) and Matvei Solovyov (guitar/vocals/drums), based in Moscow, Russia. While listeners will surely enjoy Wavepool Abortion's ear for classic pop melody, you may have to dig through some filth to get there. The reward is a half-hour blissful regression to punk's dirty roots--a joyride of almost-on vocal harmonies, guitar solos that swell in and out of feedback, sludgy drum machines, and enough tambourine to fill a cesspool.

"When I heard The Ramones and things, I was like, wow," says Solovyov, 17. "I take my guitar and Pyotr and we made this song so fast." Reznikov, also 17, attributes his interest in punk to popular Russian band Ногу свело! "We sing in English because we like the Beatles," Reznikov says. "Wavepool Abortion is the heaviest thing! It's like maybe The Ramones and The Beatles taking a big shit."

Wavepool Abortion has been making waves in their native city since their live debut last winter. As the leaders of a growing scene of like-minded teenagers, calling themselves "Искусство боли" (The Art of Pain), Wavepool Abortion are the most exciting thing from Russia since the space race. Matvei and Pyotr will finish high school first, but expect their U.S. live debut to follow. In the meantime, this first album of visceral dirt-pop will kick your ass to the gulags.

check back in mid-august or join the mailing list for updates. 8]



DZ01 preview #6

Walsh - Landing Strip

Jared Paolini - Chrome Monsoon

Space Ghost - FSCK Pt. II

checking in


just poking my head out to say things are still in the works. i still haven't had the funds transferred into my possession, partially due to the systematic checkpoints set up by kickstarter and amazon, but also i've been moving things along somewhat lackadaisically on purpose. the mix itself is coming together well, but there are still a few tracks in the works. for these reasons, i'm anticipating production to start sometime in mid-july. not much more to announce right now, but stay tuned for some additional contributions.



DZ01 preview #5

Co La - Superior Tears (Problems Edit)

Rangers - Buyer's Remorse

The Arcade Junkies - Showdown In The Lobby Pt. 1 - Dinosaur Brain (Excerpt)

Mr. Leg - Sometimes

Mystic Myths - Waid's

fully funded

thanks to your help, the kickstarter campaign finished with 103% of the funding goal! shouldn't expect anything less than success when so many awesome people have been actively giving their support to get this project off the ground.

any folks who were interested in getting the compilation but were having trouble reserving their copy through the kickstarter can email me and we can figure out where to take things on an individual basis.

for the next step, i will be collecting the last few tracks and finalizing the mix. after this, i will send it off for production and get it up for digital distribution. you can get your updates here, but i will also be corresponding with backers via kickstarter throughout the entire process.

in celebration of the successful campaign, i've got a new set of previews for your listening pleasure, so stay tuned.


copy pasta

wuddup sluts and slutstresses.

in case you haven't been following, there are just 10 days left in this lovely month of may, and currently we sit at 56% funded. at this point i'm very happy for all the support out there, but i've been mulling over the idea of funding this release myself if the kickstarter is unsuccessful. it's something i'm prepared to do, but i know that the run would be much more limited, which really goes against the initial intention of the project in my mind. regardless, i want to assure _you_ that this release will be happening either way.

anyhow, per request, here is the plan for fund allocation, assuming the kickstarter is a success:

$387.05 : cost of 300 professionally dubbed and printed cassettes
$525 ($1.75 x 300) : best cost (domestic) estimate for shipping 300 cassettes
$120 (5% + 5%) : fees for both kickstarter and amazon
$167.95 : additional funds for stickers, buttons, shipping materials, various printing, etc.
= $1200.

for those wondering about getting more than one copy, be aware that i have added new rewards with different options for up to 3 cassettes and goodies, so you can get one for your girl & guy too. the new pledge rewards are:

$16 - [USA/CAN/MEX] DYVNZMBR cassette + mp3 (2 copies)
$18 - [WORLD] DYVNZMBR cassette + mp3 (2 copies)
$22 - [WORLD] DYVNZMBR cassette + mp3s (3 copies)
$22 - DYVNZMBR cassette + mp3s (2 copies), DZ TAPES button (x2), vinyl sticker (x2), thank you card, and a 100x100p space reserved for the image of your choice on the upcoming digital image quilt on dayvanzombear.com
$26 - DYVNZMBR cassette + mp3s (3 copies), DZ TAPES button (x3), vinyl sticker (x3), thank you card, and a 100x100p space reserved for the image of your choice on the upcoming digital image quilt on dayvanzombear.com

lastly, a button/sticker update:


ain't too proud to beg

hello everybody !

things have been going swell on this end. the kickstarter (http://kck.st/l5ZjXc) is up to 42% funding, which is the best number so far! there are still 16 days left to raise just under $700 in order for any pledged funding to go through.

in case you haven't checked it out yet, here are the different ways that you can support DZ TAPES and secure the production of this limited edition premiere mixtape:

$1 = high quality mp3s (320/v0)
$8 = 1 copy of the DYVNZMBR community compilation cassette for you, 1 copy for the artist collective for their kind donations, and high quality mp3s, USA ONLY
$10 - 1 copy of the cassette for you, 1 copy for the artist collective, and high quality mp3s, CANADA and MEXICO
$12 - 1 copy of the cassette for you, 1 copy for the artist collective, 1 DZ TAPES button, 1 DZ TAPES vinyl stick, and high quality mp3s, WORLD
$16 - all of the above, plus a 100x100 pixel space reserved for an image of your choice on the upcoming digital image quilt on dayvanzombear.com

i'm in possession of 25 of the tracks to be used for DZ01, 20 of which have already been posted for preview:

expect continuous updates as the project continues to bloom into supernova status (and don't doubt yr dreams hahaha).



DZ01 preview #4

Blithe Field - Crushing

Sleep In - Strange Season

Keep Shelly In Athens - Song To Cheer You Up

Ormo - Diaper

Gobble Gobble - Eat Sun, Son


racecar ɹɐɔǝɔɐɹ

It's finally here, the kickstarter has launched and for the rest of May 2011 only, you can help get this tape made and reserve your copy for as low as $8.

What's special about this project that I think I may have failed to stress is that your donations go directly towards not just copies for you, _the listener_, but for all the contributing artists to support the music makers we love. In the end, my goal is to provide copies for anyone willing to donate to the cause, and arguably the artists are a gigantic part of that.

With a little over 3 weeks remaining, a total of 21 backers have so far donated $267, which puts us at 22% funded. This means there are just over 100 copies left to be reserved before the project can be claimed a success. However, if the $1200 goal is not met by the end of May, the project as it is will be in jeopardy. An amazing group has already begun to come forward in support, thank you to everyone who has donated so far, I appreciate each and every one of you. For everyone else, please check out the kickstarter if you're interested and tell anybody that you think may share that interest, because that's the only way that this magic happens.


ready for launch

well folks, tomorrow is kickstarter launch day and i've got a few things to share. at this point, half the tracks are up for preview, but you can expect more to be posted when the time is right. for now, here are some updates.

the overall goal for the project has come down to $1200. all donations will go directly towards the production and shipping of this project. an $8 donation gets the listener one copy and produces one copy for the artists. $1200 would be selling 150 tapes, but also producing an additional 150 tapes to spread amongst the contributors. i would absolutely hate to overshoot, not meet the goal and wind up with nothing (which is how kickstarter rolls), but i have also donated a little bit more personal funding to the cause.

i've got the final five artists here who have each agreed to contribute a track of their own.

remember, your help in spreading the word on this process is critical! very soon i will be sending out a PR wave to a large group of publications in hopes of gathering the interest of previously unreached audiences, but word-of-mouth friend-to-friend contact is the best form of promotion when it all comes down to it.



Giant Claw - Tunnel Mind

Chris Rehm - Itches/Wishes

Cough Cool - Disney Again

Howse - Ease

Osiris Glade - Mantis


pray hard

below are a few more of the artists on board for DZ01, still got a handful left unannounced too but hopefully this will satisfy the collective appetite until i post more tracks very soon.

for now, check out another awesome project a buddy of mine is putting together:


deetz n goalz

i'm finding it harder and harder to lay off the button...

there are still unreleased details to be addressed, but the blueprints for this project are nearly complete. as i may have already mentioned, the release will only be made available until the end of May. the time limit aspect is due impart to the donation-based fundraising nature of the project, but i am also getting more and more excited to share this with everyone as soon as possible.

after number crunching the fuck out of this thing and scrounging together some of my own dollars for essentials, the goal i'm aiming for is a mere $1600. this number is the result of budgeting down to create enough cassettes to satisfy public interest and to make sure each of the contributing artists can have something tangible to show/sell for their contributions. more importantly for everyone in the US, it means that costs will be below double-digit dollar$ for your copy of what should end up being almost two hours of gems and jams.

at this point, all i can leave you with is to not be surprised if you see a Kickstarter widget posted very soon.



Geotic - Walkthrough

Halls - Colossus

Galapagos - Friends

Teams - Lxv Spxll

Pepepiano - Millenium Wet Dream



while i'm still gathering interest from publications around the web, the reader comments i've received thus far have been extremely encouraging. thanks to everyone that has dropped by with some kind words, and i hope that with your continued support, this project will be a great success.

if you haven't already, please share this project with anyone you think may find it of interest. for now, here are a few more of the contributing artists.

as of right now it looks like orders will be open through the month of May via the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. stay up to date with more release info coming soon.



here's final front panel design for the cassette:

more designs to come in the future...



Ken Seeno - Seasons Of Change

Ra Cailum - Close My Eyes

Golf Swingers - Grandpa Day

Vacation Dad ft. Yohuna - I Hope Your Favorite Color Is Everywhere

Blackbird Blackbird - Halo


bread for the birds

word is spreading slowly but surely. because the success of this project lies soley on my shoulders, let me take this opportunity to ask you _the viewer_ for any grass-roots type verbal/viral means you may possess to help lift this dream into fruition.

the release itself will be limited to a 30-day Kickstarter campaign which you will definitely hear/read about if you follow either DZ site, but i am also hoping to get some further publicity thanks to the kind folks at Altered Zones.

the following is a list of the artists who have already submitted tracks. this is approximately half of the total number, and more will be posted as their songs trickle in.

i'll be passing along more info as it makes itself available, so check back or subscribe.


kickstart it

officially kickstarter approved.

still gathering tracks, so production is still a little far out, but i'll post more info when i have it.

17 artists and counting, includes some homies, others previously featured on the blog, plus special guests.


my katamari grows larger

building lots of support for the release, and the number of confirmed artists has reached double digits.

more updates to follow.


w . o . r . k . i . n . g . . . .

plans are being made for a limited cassette compilation, stay tuned.