DZ08 preview on The FADER

The next full-length release from Brighton producer Graeme Coop, or BIRKWIN JERSEY, is set to hit the streets next week as a co-release between DZ TAPES and Absent Fever, and The FADER was kind enough to post a preview of one of the many standout tracks, "We Don't Go To Dances" featuring Vienna. The pair make up two-thirds of Partpanda

"On “We Don’t Go To Dances,” there’s a clear comfort between the two, found in the nonchalance in Vienna’s weathered talk-sing, like she’s recording from an old couch next to an old friend to whom she’s got nothing to prove." - The FADER

Limited Edition of 100
Cassette ships within the US for $9



The lovely crew over at Portals has been kind enough to premiere a brand new video for "Pagaul", the lead track from the It Is Rain In My Face. self-titled release. Check out the video below, and in case you missed it, head over to bandcamp for a full album stream. Limited number of tapes are still left in the shop, get it before it's gone!

IT IS RAIN IN MY FACE: PAGAUL from oodalalee films on Vimeo.

"The video takes all the rustic, country vocals and slick Nintendo beats on a nice, brisk jog around the block, which leads to a run-in with a very strange woman. Never in a million years does the lovely jogger in red think this hideous stranger would possess her heart with a mysterious stone, leaving her dreams trapped in a hazy, rainbow-bright purgatory." - Diamond Atlus / Portals



POOL HOLOGRAPH is Chicago post-punk garage pop sound melded with sinister summer melodies and balefully breezy guitar riffs that conjure the sunshine through cracks in the sky on even the grayest winter days. DZ TAPES is proud to present a limited run of the band's self-titled EP, shipping January 29th. 

Limited Edition of 50
Cassette ships within the US for $7

In more somber news, due to the upcoming hike in USPS fares for international shipping, the cost of postage alone to send a single tape internationally after January 27th is going up to $9.45. Sadly, orders on single cassettes will now be limited to the confines of our nation's borders. For those of you outside of the United States who are interested in bulk orders, feel free send me an email and I'll be happy to work something out.


loud in northeast

DZ TAPES kicked off the new year with a monstrously loud show featuring some outstanding performances from Weekends, Teen Mom, The Plums, Cult & Leper and Cowboy Band. The party raged into the early morning thanks to the killer music and cool crowd, and it proved to be the most colossal gig at the Dougout to date. Thanks to everyone who came out to party, anyone who bought merch or made a donation, and of course to all the bands for rocking their hearts out. Stay tuned for upcoming concerts, and check out the photos below for a recap of the fun that went down this past weekend:

Weekends (courtesy of Charity)

Weekends (courtesy of Adam)
 Teen Mom (courtesy of Charity)

The Plums (courtesy of Charity)

Cult & Leper (courtesy of Charity)

Cowboy Band (courtesy of Charity)


rippin' fuzz at the dougout

Everything is looking up in 2013, and to kick things off, DZ TAPES is hosting another live event at the Dougout featuring some very talented acts from the East Coast. Anyone in Washington, DC area should stop by to get loud and help us set the night ablaze!

ϟ Weekends
ϟ ϟ Teen Mom
ϟ ϟ ϟ The Plums
ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ Cult & Leper
ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ Cowboy Band

As with the last show, a limited supply of screen printed posters will be available for free with any purchase of band merch while supplies last, courtesy of Mr. Badass Sean Berg. Check out the event info and RSVP by clicking the poster below: