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LOVELIER OTHER "leave this behind"

PURO INSTINCT "dream lover"
DISCOVERER "personal clone"
GEMS "void moon ☾"
BOY FRIEND "the lair (alex degroot remix)"
EMPRESS OF "don't tell me"
DUCKTAILS "letter of intent"
TEEN MOM "i wanna go out"
WEEKENDS "a defining love"
SEX CULT "plain jane"
WARM SODA "reaction"
DARLINGS "nothing i don't care for"
BEACH FOSSILS "careless"
NOMADIC FIRS "starfish kids"
NOT THE 1S "lite years (prod. by jules chaz)"
MELT MELT MELT "gauntlet"
PIPER SPRAY "horizon"
MIND DYNAMICS "luv1zthecloud"
TWO BICYCLES "winter morning under water"
MARBLE LION "old man"
MAJICAL CLOUDZ "what that was"
NAYTRONIX "good thing"
KRUSHT "orange sky"
JAMES FERRARO "so n2u (teams longing detox)"



While the sun sets on 2012 and the surrounding world seems to slip into a state of hibernation, the DZ beast continues to conjure up dreams of discord. One of the aural specters being summoned from slumberlust takes its form as the weaving folktronic collage-pop fabricated by Brighton producer Birkwin Jersey. Graeme Coop, the mind and spirit at the helm of this budding project, has been hard at work composing new material in preparation for his upcoming full-length release.

As a 2012 parting gift, Graeme has prepared an otherworldly mix of old and new tracks sprinkled with enough rheum to soothe your howling incubus until his latest creations are ready to be unleashed. Enjoy the Sleepwalken premix below, and look for "Between The Weather & The Sea" on DZ TAPES and Absent Fever, due out early 2013. 


timeless tempests

Adam Torres has been on a roll recently, playing a variety of shows around the Austin area, all while working on some great new material. Check out this amazing video for his new alt-folk opus "Hatchet":

Adam Torres performing "Hatchet" on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX (courtesy of Be Lie All)

* * *

It Is Rain In My Face. also continues to impress both on and off stage. Take a look at the live video below of Mat performing a new track "To Hide" earlier this week:

It Is Rain In My Face. performing "To Hide" at PIANOS in NYC (courtesy of BlackTRIN)



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GARY WAR "thousand yard stare"
FATIMA AL QADIRI "ghost raid"
KATAPULTO "paypal friends"
JIB KIDDER "lossy angeles"
PEARS "coasting"
GINSENG "bodybag"
TRIAD GOD "remand"
U CAN UNLEARN GUITAR "hammer on glass (real neat mix)"
POOL HOLOGRAPH "incognito"
BAH BU RAH "bubble tea"
FAUN AND A PAN FLUTE "party at banana's house"
YOM SAN "night and day (demo)"
TEEN DAZE "the heart of god"
WATER CHILD "heavy eyes"
TEEN SUICIDE "cop graveyard"
BAD LIAR "youthanized"
PARQUET COURTS "borrowed time"
LA SERA "drive on"
THE FURR "2 a.m."
YELLOW SON "teady bear"
PIPER SPRAY "afterdop (excerpt)"
DARK ROOM "other life"
CO LA "the oppressor"
JAMES FERRARO "lovesick"
MY DRY WET MESS "words i didn't"


sonic soothsayers

Last month's show with Blithe Field, Teen Suicide and Mono Lisa was a fantastic success! We powered through the remnants of Hurricane Sandy and were able to put on a great night of live music. It's been a few weeks since then, but I'd like to thank everyone who came out and showed their support through donations and snagging up merch. I'm hoping to put on the next event within the next month or two, so stay tuned for details. Another special shoutout to the University of Maryland's independent newspaper, the Diamondback, for posting this lovely article about the event and my showspace affectionately known as the Dougout.

Blithe Field (courtesy of Erica)

"spence n fletch"

Teen Suicide performing "Cop Graveyard" (courtesy of Spencer)

Teen Suicide (courtesy of Erica)

Mono Lisa (courtesy of Erica)


R.I.P. M.B.P.

I've got some sad news to report from DZ HQ today. My laptop has gone kaput just shy of its sixth anniversary. Thankfully I have not lost any pertinent data in the process outside of what was supposed to be the 47th episode of my podcast, ZOMBEARadio. The tracks that I had lined up have all vanished into the ether, but you can look forward to future episodes as soon as my next rig is up and running.

In events news, those of you celebrating dia de los muertos in Washington, DC should stop by the Dougout for a free show presented by DZ TAPES featuring some great acts: 
BLITHE FIELD (OH) [eerie sentimental folktronica]
TEEN SUICIDE (MD) [gloomy acoustic ghost punk]
MARBLE LION (QC) [haunting witch pop noise]
MONO LISA (TN) [atmospheric aura-scaping]
CETWING (MD) [glitchy cryogenic chillwave]
A limited supply of screen printed posters will be available for a few bones courtesy of Sean Berg, or get one for free with any purchase of band merch while supplies last. Check out the event info and RSVP by clicking the poster below:



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TWERPS "work it out"
PUNKS ON MARS "showers of pain"
TY SEGALL "the hill"
THEE OH SEES "goodnight baby"
WOODS "bend beyond"
HALASAN BAZAR "mountaintops"
BIRKWIN JERSEY "tall like gulliver"
TEEN DAZE "union (ft. frankie rose)"
RENNY WILSON "could've it been me?"
BORN GOLD "sky bicycle"
SEAMONSTER "abstraction (yalls remix)"
HOW TO DRESS WELL "cold nites"
FLYING LOTUS "electric candyman (ft. thom yorke)"
RUMTUM "new lands (catamaran's vocal mix)"
MARIA MINERVA "fire (ft. chase royal)"
STAR SLINGER "take this up"
☣ NEW AGE PLAYBOY ☣ "so n2u"
SEABRIGHT "beginning over again"
CHVRCHES "the mother we share"
CITIES AVIV "i want all"
MIYUKI "ghostly vibes"
BOARDS OF CANADA "untitled (machinedrum edit)"



DZ06 has been receiving great praise since it's release late last month. Check out what some of our favorite publications have been saying, and check out the album for free on bandcamp.
DZ Tapes recently released what may very well be my favorite album of the year, It Is Rain In My Face.'s self-titled LP - Portals & verb/re/verb

Jones rises to new challenges as a songwriter while fleshing out the charming vibe of his previous work. - Ad Hoc

Mat has cultivated the captivating interplay of vocals and production that he so expertly balanced on 'Small Prayer', made more textural and dynamic by the use of live instrumentation in determining the direction of songs on his self-titled debut full length. - Decoder Magazine 

With this self-titled release, It Is Rain In My Face. develops a musical vocabulary that includes soul, chillwave, folk, and electronica, and synthesizes it into a singular product that, with any luck, will live on in the public consciousness. - In Your Speakers

This stuff is really listenable and good for any hangout session. - Cassette Gods Reviews

The DZ TAPES cassette giveaway is coming to an end. For your chance to win a free cassette combo package, just head to the DZ TAPES Facebook page, click the  button, and post your favorite album from 2012 to be entered for a chance to win. In closing, thanks to Mondo Nation for the nice long-distance chat.


Shop Updates and Live Show

The new self-titled release from It Is Rain In My Face. is available now in the shop! There are also a handful of screen prints still available from the cassette release show, along with DZ TAPES buttons and stickers, as well as the last few remaining copies of the Adam Torres self-titled release.

All pre-orders have been shipped and each purchase comes with a complimentary digital download of the album. Check out the bandcamp page or the stream below to hear the full album for free.

The cassette release show was success, and despite our metro stop being down for the weekend, a decent good crowd turned out to see terrific sets by three talented acts. Thanks to everyone who came out, much love to the Washington City Paper for the shout-out, and my sincerest gratitude belongs to Pressed And, It Is Rain In My Face. and Romantic States for coming together to put on an awesome showcase earlier this month at the Dougout in Washington, DC.

Pressed And (courtesy of Audrey)

It Is Rain In My Face. (courtesy of Charity)

Romantic States (courtesy of Charity)


Fighter Pilot In A War

Our friends over at Ad Hoc were kind enough to premiere the next single "Fighter Pilot In A War" from the upcoming It Is Rain In My Face. release, due out next week on August 21.

If you're in Washington, DC this weekend we'll be putting on a cassette release showcase  at the Dougout featuring the likes of Pressed And and Romantic States; click the awesome screenprint by Sean Berg below for details.


It Is Rain In My Face.

I'm proud to announce the next tape coming out in August, featuring the budding electro-blues funneled from a Brooklyn bonfire, Mat Jones presents 12 new tracks from the new self-titled release from It Is Rain In My Face.

The glamorous group over at Decoder Magazine were kind enough to premiere the first single off the upcoming album entitled "Duck In A Row".

To kick off the cassette release, It Is Rain In My Face. will be playing a secret basement show with Pressed And and Romantic States on August 17 at the Dougout in Washington, DC.

Lastly, the free cassette giveaway is still going on. Simply  our Facebook page then post your 2012 album-of-the-year to be automatically signed up for a chance to win a tape prize package containing stickers, buttons, and copies of each of our first four releases.


Mountain River

Adam Torres's self-titled cassette release is available now, and "Mountain River" is the opening track. The piece showcases Torres's seraphic falsetto and warm melodies over affectionate undertones. The tape includes seven of Adam's wholly heartfelt songs professionally dubbed and pressed on ruby-red shells, limited to 50 copies. Grab this one while you can.

"Adam Torres recorded and led the band Nostra Nova in the mid-2000s. The Spanish term, Duende, coined by Garcia Lorca comes to mind. Some people just have this thing. It’s that inherent sadness that stops us in our tracks to commune with the glory and hope of our own selves. At Haffa’s, the local record store in Athens, OH, I once found the clerk with his head in his arms at the counter, listening to Adam’s music. When he saw me, we both laughed, knowing that we were well taken care of." - Miles Down Records



I'm excited to say DZ05 is on it's way. The new release stars Adam Torres, a melanchonlic singer/songwriter from Austin, TX. These home recordings are naturally bathed in a light and lush low-fidelity aesthetic, featuring the honest acoustics akin to the styles of Nick Drake and Guided By Voices.

In other news, every month I like to put out a mix of new and notable tracks that have come my way. This month, ZOMBEARadio43 features over 30 tracks spanning nearly 2 hours from the following artists:

Dan Deacon / Dustin Wong / Haleek Maul / Teams / Bodyguard / Pressed And / Jerry Paper / Groundislava / Yola Fatoush / Jeans Wilder / Space Ghost / Halcyon Silence / It Is Rain In My Face. / Hotel Mexico / Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti / Manor / Hazey Jane / Baldruin / Indigenous Peoples / Silver Jews / Call Before You Dig / Parae / Teen Suicide / Ty Segall Band / Wet Hair / Orchard Thief / White Fence / Ether Island / Cankun / HxH / Clams Casino

[ right-click save as / stream right now / view the tracklist / subscribe on itunes ]

Lastly, all current releases are sold out, but the free tape giveaway contest is still going on. LIKE us on Facebook and post a comment with your chocie for 2012 Album of the Year so far to have a chance at winning one of the last remaining copies of DZ01-04.






lost forever

All my copies of "Lost Forever In Silence" have SOLD OUT and sadly the package containing a large majority of the Terror Bird cassettes was held by French customs in Paris while awaiting pickup on the band's tour, so they have not yet been received. If you were unable to get your hands on a copy of the tape, stay tuned for more ordering information once the band returns from Europe.

All current orders have been shipped, so keep a watchful eye on your mailbox!


cutting loose

Terror Bird tapes are going fast, so pick up your copy before they're all gone...


Terror Bird

Synth-glam divas Terror Bird are currently in the Europe, spreading their enigmatic lunar darkwave and DZ TAPES has produced a cassette release to support the band on their tour. Drenched in 80's goth pop, withering melodies and gloomy minimalism, Lost Forever In Silence includes 10 new tracks from the band Pitchfork dubbed "suitably moody" and No Fear In Pop calls "lush and opulent, dramatic chamber pop". 

Stream/Download the full release for free, and if you can't catch the group on one of the following stops, grab your copy of the limited edition, individually-numbered, hand-painted and pro-dubbed cassettes in the Shop before they're all gone.


7 Frankfurt, Germany at Waggon
8 Haarlem, Netherlands at Geertruida
9 Lille, France at Le Rouge
11  Paris, France at L’Espace B
12  Bruxelles, Belgium at DNA
13  Ghent, Belgium at Kinky Star
14  Toulouse, France at a house party
15  Bordeaux, France at El Chicho
16  Caen, France at Ecuyes
17  Tilburg, Netherlands at TBA
19 Groningen, Netherlands at Wishfulmusic
20 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium at Les Bulles
23 Strassbourg, France at Le Mudd Club
25 Bielefeld, Germany at AJZ
26 Braunschweig, Germany at KAWA
27 Wismar, Germany at Galerie auf Zeit 
28 Wroclaw, Poland at Falanster w/ Molly Nilsson
30 Munich, Germany at Herr Hotter
31 Vienna, Austria at Celeste


2 Kollin, Czech Republic at Divo Institute
3 Prague, Czech Republic at 007 Strahnov
5 Lucern, Switzerland at Sedel Club
6 Karlsruhe, Germany at Halle 14
7 Berlin, Germany at 33 RPM with Allie
8 Berlin, Germany at Death Disco
9 Leipzig, Germany at Schubladenkonsortium
11 Hamburg, Germany at Rote Flora
12 Halle, Germany at Goldene Rose.
13 Bochum, Germany at Bastion
15 Paris, France at Gals Rock
17 Angers, France at Un Brin Folk 


Lost Forever In Silence

In preparation for their third European tour in May and June, Canadian darkwave goth pop act Terror Bird has prepared a new cassette release entitled 'Lost Forever In Silence'. DZ TAPES is proud to present this pro-dubbed C26, hand numbered to 100, featuring 10 new tracks from Nikki Nevver and the band.
Pre-Order in THE SHOP
Download Free on BANDCAMP

This Organism / I'm Still Young / So Blue Around You Now / The Art Of Forgetting / Boredom (Followed By Misery) / Anything Real / It's Only Forever / In Silence / Ghosts In My Heart / Criminal


Capitol Consignment

DZ TAPES are now available for purchase in two more DC area record shops, SMASH RECORDS and CROOKED BEAT RECORDS in Adams Morgan. Stop by the shops on 18th Street NW to check out the vinyl and ask about the dopest cassettes in town. I'm down to the last few copies of all three releases, but plans for the fourth, fifth and sixth are in the works. Stay tuned for more info on the next batch of releases, and make sure to snag your copy of DZ01, DZ02 and DZ03 online or in-person before they're all gone!


Amour & Discipline

Amour & Discipline is a non-profit DIY organization from France.

The project can be divided into three parts :

  1. A collective ad-free webzine gathering and involving all kinds of actors of the shiny world of underground/indie cultures. The mag is written by our favourite bands, labels & activists (promoters, venues, cool booking agents, webzines etc). New contributions are added on a daily basis.
  2. A donation platform where people can donate to any independent band or label in the universe. To cover our costs, we’ve decided that A&D users will simply choose if and how much they want to give us.
    Because of tests and code finalization, the Donation Platform will be online soon. Please bear this in mind when hearing the word “soon” from a software programmer : the latter develops a natural adaptation to the fact that coding software usually takes ages, which results in an altered perception of the flow of time.
    In this context, “soon” should be translated as “a very long time from now”. We hope it will be online next week, though.
  3. A widespread diffusion of A&D links on all kinds of websites to remind people they can support music this way.

How much does a band earn when you’re sharing
their music with a friend, or when you’re using P2P
or direct download services to get it?

Well, ok, zero.

But how much does a band earn when you buy
a $10 CD in a store ?


How much does a band earn when you buy
a $0.99 song on Itunes ?


How much does a band earn when you listen
to a song one hundred times on Spotify ?


How much would a band earn if you sent them
a free donation ?

The exact amount you chose to give.

Of course, these are average figures regarding unsigned, indie and major label artists ; some manage to get better deals, others get worse. But most of the time, no matter how you listen to music, the artist gets very little financial support.

In recent years, technology has made music shift from scarce goods to infinite goods : once the original is made, it takes zero marginal cost to make a digital copy and distribute it. All the music in the world is available for (almost) nothing, and less and less people are buying physical records. Global Non-Commercial Culture Sharing is now a reality – which, don’t get us wrong, is simply great – but the problem of decently funding artistic creation remains.

But Why?

  • a lot of people want to maintain old centralized models of distribution in the digital world, creating artificial scarcity on infinite goods, and pretending global culture sharing never happened
  • big entertainment corporations keep laying down the law
  • many middlemen are still involved. Some of them are valuable (independent labels), some have to be questioned

So, why not directly support those who create music and those who really help to produce it?

This is what we’re experimenting with this Donation Platform. A&D project is not about charity, but Gift Economy. It is not about guilt, but common decency. Of course, good ways to support bands/labels already exist (buying stuff directly from them, for example) and crucial ideas still have to be tested, but we think A&D can be a useful step to promote two fundamental and inseparable points :

  1. Non-Commercial Culture Sharing is essential and legitimate
  2. We can and we must find new ways to support independent authors and producers, so the aforementioned fact won’t cast them in the sewers where they will starve alone

We think the combination of coercive (i.e. governments) and mercantile (i.e. corporations) tactics should certainly not be the only ones driving the legislation, distribution, and financing of culture. On the contrary, we believe the present situation urges us to invent new alternative strategies.

A&D is not a place dedicated to music download, but a place to support artists/labels. The only music available is in the Webzine, willingly shared by the artists themselves.


Keep Shelly In Athens

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream from Thanasis Tsimpinis on Vimeo.

DZ Tapes friends Keep Shelly In Athens have announced more US tour dates across 17 days in April and have re-released their EPs ‎"In Love With Dusk" and "Our Own Dream" together on one vinyl, available soon via Forest Family Records.



I'm proud to announce DZ TAPES as a supporting faction in the new Kickstarter for Ad Hoc, a 100% independent, daily music and visual culture publication from former Altered Zones editors Ric Leichtung and Emilie Friedlander, some of our favorite music bloggers, and active imaginations from all across our global grassroots community.

Bring music back to the community. Help us build our new home.

Following a solid run as the editors of Pitchfork experimental sister site Altered Zones, Emilie Friedlander and Ric Leichtung are back with Ad Hoc, an underground music and visual culture publication created for and by a community of music lovers with a shared ethos: that of building the world you want to see using the materials at your disposal. A collective of ten tastemaking music blogs from all over the world, Ad Hoc is a daily destination for MP3s, videos, mixes, interviews, artist's writings, and cultural commentary-- curated for quality, and with an emphasis on emerging artists and musical movements that best exemplify the new grassroots, Internet-fueled DIY.

Ad Hoc is also a quarterly zine-- available in electronic and paper formats, and full of original art work and long-form features. Resurrecting the curatorial logic of zine culture, Ad Hoc will paint a dynamic, living landscape of the underground music world at large, setting the reflections of professional journalists and critics alongside artists, promoters, and other music-world personalities. Ad Hoc is a mosaic of voices, each offering its own partial illumination of underground music today, and what it means to navigate a rapidly changing industry in the era of information.

Ad Hoc features regular contributions from 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Brighton, UK), Decoder (Ex-Get Off The Coast; Oakland, CA & Wilmington, NC), Distonal (Ex-The Decibel Tolls; Louisville, KY), Dummy Magazine (London), International Tapes (Brooklyn, Tel Aviv, Dublin, San Jose, Berlin, Beijing), Mutant Sounds (Dallas, TX), No Fear of Pop (Berlin), Visitation Rites (Brooklyn & Los Angeles), Raven Sings The Blues (Queens, NY), and Rose Quartz (Auckland, NZ & Sydney, AUS).

And writings from Alex Bleeker (Real Estate), Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches), Alan Palomo (Neon Indian), Allese Baker (Artforum), Dale W. Eisinger (New York Press), Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never, Ford & Lopatin), Emil Amos (Holy Sons, Om), Emily Rose Epstien (Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin), Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (Liturgy), Ian Nelson (Friendship Bracelet), James Leyland Kirby (The Caretaker), Jenn Pelly (Pitchfork, Village Voice), Jessa Farkas (Future Shuttle), Jigmae Baer (Royal Baths), Justin Spicer (Tiny Mix Tapes), Kim Kelly (NPR, Brooklyn Vegan), Liz Pelly (Boston Phoenix), Marc Masters (Pitchfork, Wire), Maria Minerva, Matt Sullivan (Altered Zones, Impose), Michael McGregor (Chocolate Bobka, The Report), Laurel Chartow, Taraka Larson (Prince Rama), Todd P, and many, many more.

Dozens of artists have already stood up and shown their support by pledging previously unreleased tracks to the Kickstarter compilation, available both as a digital download and in the form of a tripped-out cassette box set.

Featuring Air Waves, Amen Dunes, Anenon, Balam Acab, Beach Fossils, Big Troubles, Blondes, The Caretaker, Charlatan (Brad Rose), Co La, Dan Lopatin, Ducktails, Forest Swords, FORMA, Future Shuttle, Games/Ford & Lopatin, Gary War, Greatest Hits, Grimes with Majical Cloudz, How To Dress Well, Hubble, James Ferraro, JEFF the Brotherhood, Jürgen Müller, Julia Holter, Julian Lynch, Keep Shelly in Athens, Keith Fullerton Whitman, La Big Vic, Laurel Halo, Maria Minerva, Matthewdavid, Pete Swanson, Pictureplane, Pure X, Radio People, Rangers, Rene Hell, Rhys Chatham, Run DMT, Sleep Over, Silent Diane, Sun Araw, Stellar Om Source, Tonstartssbandht, Twerps, White Car, Widowspeak, Woodsman, and Young Prisms.

Over 50 of our favorite labels in the world right now have also chipped in bundles, including:

100% Silk, 4AD, Acephale, Arbutus, Atelier Ciseaux, Bathetic, Captured Tracks, Carpark Records, Complicated Dance Steps, De Stijl Records, Digitalis Industries, Domino Records, DZ Tapes, Editions Mego, Escho, Experimedia, Fat Cat, Firetalk Records, Fixed Identity, Friends Records, Future Times, Goner, Group Tightener, Hands in the Dark, Hardly Art, Hippos In Tanks, Hoss Records, Illegal Art, Important Records, JagJaguwar, La Station Radar, Leaving Records, Lefse Records, Light Lodge, Living Tapes, Maman Records, Moon Glyph, Night People, New Images, NNA Tapes, No Pain in Pop, No Quarter, Not Not Fun, Northern Spy, Partisan, Paw Tracks, People's Potential Unlimited, R&S Records, RVNG Intl., Sacred Bones, Secretly Canadian, Slumberland Records, Small Plates Records, Software Records, Sun Ark, Thrill Jockey, Tri Angle, True Panther, Type Records, Underwater Peoples, Upset The Rhythm, UUU Tapes, Warp, Woodsist, XL, Yoga, Young Turks, and Zoo Music.