R.I.P. M.B.P.

I've got some sad news to report from DZ HQ today. My laptop has gone kaput just shy of its sixth anniversary. Thankfully I have not lost any pertinent data in the process outside of what was supposed to be the 47th episode of my podcast, ZOMBEARadio. The tracks that I had lined up have all vanished into the ether, but you can look forward to future episodes as soon as my next rig is up and running.

In events news, those of you celebrating dia de los muertos in Washington, DC should stop by the Dougout for a free show presented by DZ TAPES featuring some great acts: 
BLITHE FIELD (OH) [eerie sentimental folktronica]
TEEN SUICIDE (MD) [gloomy acoustic ghost punk]
MARBLE LION (QC) [haunting witch pop noise]
MONO LISA (TN) [atmospheric aura-scaping]
CETWING (MD) [glitchy cryogenic chillwave]
A limited supply of screen printed posters will be available for a few bones courtesy of Sean Berg, or get one for free with any purchase of band merch while supplies last. Check out the event info and RSVP by clicking the poster below: