From where you are things may seem quiet here at DZ, but the post-In It Together Fest hiatus is over and there are quite a few fun things in the works. Another batch of releases has been confirmed with the hopes of getting most of them out before the end of the year, but there will be more on that in the near future. The Sister Polygon Jamboree has come and gone, Fields Festival flew by in the blink of an eye, and now the next live event on the docket that's sure to be a sweat-soaked good time is coming up September 4 at The Dougout. Boston rockers Krill will be joined by Baltimore's Et Al. in addition to local favorites The Effects and Two Inch Astronaut. Click the flyer below for more details:

DZ alum have been hard at work lately creating a wide variety of new sounds for your listening pleasure. Find a comfy groove in your seat and take a look + listen at some of the cool things that've been coming out recently:

"Old Ways" single by Pool Holograph

"Bread & Silver Water" EP by It Is Rain In My Face.

"Forest Moon" EP by Seabright

Wondering Sound interviews Adam Torres on music sharing and the drudgery of self-promotion in independent music.

"The Wrong Way" music video by Terror Bird


evil kenevil

The first ever In It Together Fest is in the rearview mirror, and I want to give a special thank you for all the love and support we received from everyone who came out, performed, volunteered, hosted and generally made the weekend one to remember - we couldn't have done it without you! There was some great documentation taken at most of the events, so here are some of the primo photos for your enjoyment plus a very special video featuring one very brave conceptual food artist from the Ryan Troy Ford Memorial Performance Arts Collective jumping over a 50 gallon bathtub of delicious homemade ramen noodles on a dirtbike at a skate park under a bridge (yes, you read that right).

The Effects (courtesy of Brazier)

Loud Boyz (courtesy of Andrade)

Loud Boyz (courtesy of Brazier)

ACME (courtesy of Brazier)

Baby Bry Bry (courtesy of Andrade)

Jail Solidarity (courtesy of Brazier)

Jebiotto (courtesy of Bezruchko)

The Public (courtesy of Andrade)

State Lines (courtesy of Brazier)

Meridian (courtesy of Brazier)

BRNDA (courtesy of Andrade)

Mannequin Pussy (courtesy of Sharon)

Hold Tight! (courtesy of Brazier)

Pree (courtesy of Brazier)

Teen Mom (courtesy of Stephanie)

What Moon Things (courtesy of Andrade)

Ramen Jump (courtesy of Evan)

Ramen Jump (courtesy of Sharon)

Ramen Jump (courtesy of Denise)


in it together fest

Washington DC's first ever In It Together Fest starts TODAY, THURSDAY 7/31 to SUNDAY 8/3. If you're in the area you should check out all the sick events happening throughout the city. We've put a lot of hard work into making this weekend chock-full of awesome music, art, cycling, activism and other ways to encourage creativity, highlight the under-appreciated, and bring about positive change to our community, so I hope you can make it out to enjoy the fun!

Things I'm most excited for:

☆ tickets available here: http://infestdc.bigcartel.com/





[7/31] In It Together Fest: DAY 1 – PRE-FEST

○ (8pm - 12am) Robot Butt variety hour + music by Spoonboy, ACME, Paperhaus, Vunderbar, and Wanted Man at FT. LOKO


[8/1] In It Together Fest: DAY 2 – NORTHEAST BY NIGHT

○ (7pm – 11pm) ARTSHOW_08: Art, Bro at HOLE IN THE SKY DC

○ (7pm – 11pm) Incarcerated Masses: Artists Call for an End to Mass Incarceration, Deportation and Detention at 2B Artist Studios


○ (8pm – 12am) Creative Music in DC - A Night of New Music, a Trio of Trios featuring Organix Trio, Trio OOO, and Garrett/Scheible/Tucker at Union Arts DC

○ (11pm – 3am) THE BOUNDARY STONES / FINLEY MARTIN @ Bardo Brewpub


[8/2] In It Together Fest: DAY 3 – NORTHWEST + ALL-DAY SHOWCASE

In It Together Fest Alleycat presented by DC Bike Party throughout the day hitting various spots including:

★ MAIN EVENT ★ (12pm – 10pm) at St. Stephen's Church featuring The Effects, State Lines, Hold Tight!, Loud Boyz, Meridian, The Public, Slow Animal, Cousin Brian, Entropy NY, Born Without Bones, Brightside, and Two Inch Astronaut + speakers/classes from Knowledge Commons DC, Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center, and Positive Force DC + tables from Dischord Records, Cricket Cemetery, Say-10 Records, DC Zinefest, The Intentional, Food Not Bombs DC, and MORE! ★ $10 TICKET ONLINE OR AT THE DOOR ★

○ (10:30am – 3:30pm) The Beehive's INFEST Drone Brunch and other Creative Musics event featuring Sleepy Kitty, Nightmom, Br'er, and The Bowlegged Gorilla


○ (12pm – 5pm) Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists ☢ Haybaby  Chimes ☮ The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman at Jamjar

○ (12pm – 5pm) Space is the Place! featuring sound installations, performance art, and dance exhibitions at Communiverse

○ (2pm – 5pm) JEBIOTTO (japan) / IT IS RAIN IN MY FACE. (ny) / THE NORTH COUNTRY (dc) / WARM & COMFY (md) - In It Together Fest at Bathtub Republic

★ AFTER PARTY ★ (11pm – 3am) at The Pinch featuring Cross Eyed, Growwing Pains, and The Rememberables ★ $5 COVER AT THE DOOR ★


[8/3] In It Together Fest: DAY 4 – FINAL BLOWOUT

○ (12pm – 6pm) Pree, Marian McLaughlin, Pony Bones, What Moon Things, BRNDA, and Meridian at Paperhaus

○ (3pm – 7pm) Shark Week, Mannequin Pussy, Crumms, Sun Young, and Cesspool at Crack Rock Creek Church

○ (4pm – 9pm) In It Together Fest Presents: Skate Demo @ Bridge Spot! featuring skating, grilling, video from Alley Bar, music from DC Vinyl Headz, a raffle sponsored by The DC Wheels, and a Ramen Jump by the Ryan Troy Ford Memorial Performance Arts Collective

○ (6pm – 10pm) Playback TheTape presents a Retrospective on DC DIY Culture at Furthermore


In It Together Fest is a four-day celebration of underground art, music, and activism at all venues propagating independent culture throughout the District of Columbia. Empowered by the hope to build a community amongst disparate DIY spaces, we've come together to foster participation, encourage new ideas, and highlight the under-appreciated. 

St. Stephen's has been hosting DIY punk shows for almost three decades now and is a respected space for progressive thought. Usage of the venue helps to support We Are Family, a charitable organization working to assist seniors, and Positive Force, an activist collective seeking radical social change, personal growth, and youth empowerment.

We also have two other organizations that we'd like to help raise awareness for: Casa Ruby is a multicultural non-profit community center working to provide food/shelter/resources in a safe space for everyone in the LGBT community. The Way Home Campaign is a working to end chronic homelessness by placing individuals in permanent supportive housing and ensuring they have the necessary foundation to remain there.

For more information on In It Together Fest, please visit the website: