August is fast approaching and we've got some fun things in store here in the district. I've been working as part of a group organizing the first ever In It Together Fest, a weekend-long celebration of DIY culture in DC, filled with music, art, workshops, biking, skating, cooking, and positive ways to inspire change and creativity in the community. The entire festival spans from July 31 to August 3, takes place over the city, and serves to benefit some amazing organizations like Positive Force DC, Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center, and The Way Home Campaign. If you can't wait for more inFest updates here on the blog, click the link above for more information.

Last week, we at the Dougout hosted a promotional show featuring some exemplary east coast acts in Pinkwash, Young Trynas, Joy Buttons and The Sniffs

Pinkwash (courtesy of Andrade)

Young Trynas (courtesy of Andrade)

Joy Buttons (courtesy of Andrade)

The Sniffs (courtesy of Andrade)

The next show was just a few nights later - Warehouse and Narrator came in from Atlanta, Amadels trekked down from New York, while Go Cozy and Anchor 3 rounded out the bill with their local flavors.

Warehouse (courtesy of Ron)

Narrator (courtesy of Ron)

 Go Cozy (courtesy of Ron)


swamp romp

I've got two DZ shows planned for later this month, and something pretty big happening the weekend of August 1 that I'll share more about when the time is right. For now, anyone looking to get into some fun in the DMV should scope out these shows (click the flyer for more info):

Tuesday, July 15 @ the Dougout

✄✄✄✄✄ ANCHOR 3 (DC)

Saturday, July 19 @ All Saints Church


Thanks to everyone who came out for the last DZ show featuring superb sets in the sweltering heat by Big Ups, Two Inch Astronaut and Atlas At Last. Sadly, Teen Suicide had to drop off the bill last minute due to a family emergency, so those of you who were bummed to miss them that night should definitely make sure to check out the show above. The wonderful Mr. Sean Berg blessed the occasion with the exquisite screenprint below and a few folks snapped some photos and captured video as well. Check out the goods below and stay tuned for more footage in the near future.

Big Ups (courtesy of Scott)

Big Ups (courtesy of Julia)

Lastly, The Sweets' Greatest Hits received some praise from Myspace, who put the compilation on their list of "25 Best Cassettes of 2014 (so far)" alongside some other stellar work from various label friends. Thanks for the shoutout and look out for a few more tapes coming later this year.


being in mint condition

DZ13 showcases the work of Hazey Jane, the serene sample-based folktronic pop project of Jeroen de Meyer from Belgium, drawing from styles of artists like of Bibio, Baths, and Blithe Field. After self-releasing the Spring EP in 2010, his style evolved from more raw upbeat sound collage to the blissful snowy soundscapes heard on 2012’s Winter Walks. These days, Jeroen is recording with a laptop, guitar and SP 404, creating samples and loops with buoyant beats and vocal manipulations to arrange a distinct blend of wistful ambience.

Being In Mint Condition conjures up the type of melancholy summer memories that will ease your mind with breezy warm sentiment, coat your skin in glistening balmy glaze, and stir up your thirst for an ice-chilled glass of nostalgia. The album greets you with a woozy and warbled uncoiling of warped textures that hover like refracting heat waves on the horizon. Jovial melodies shine through fuzzy muffled wails and slow grating rhythms as the sun begins to peak. Aural anodyne flows like sand sifting down a synesthetic hourglass while the divine afternoon auras dissolve and make way for the otherworldly glow blown in by evening tides. Dusk fades to darkness, a shimmering hum resonates in the air and the firelight dwindles down to reveal a boundless black canvas speckled with of soft celestial tones. The hushed ambience envelopes you and your eyes grow heavy as the ocean withdraws back into itself.

The album was originally released for free on Jeroen’s bandcamp in late 2013, and is now available on pro-dubbed clear-translucent mint condition cassettes in the store. Not much else remains in the DZ inventory save for a few copies of Reliefs, but digital downloads are all free all the time.