probable depths

With their new album "Probable Depths" released into the wild earlier this month (and streaming below), Half Waif is gearing up for an eventful summer, and the previously mentioned plans are just the beginning...

Starting late June the band will join Pinegrove and SPORTS on a full nationwide tour, spanning two coasts, two countries, more than 25 shows, and over a month on the road (click the poster above or here for full details).

So far the likes of GoldFlakePaint, The Revue, The Deli, and Brooklyn Vegan (who premiered the album earlier this month) have all had some lovely things to say...
“Combining pop sensibilities with the classical textures of violins and twinkling pianos, Brooklyn’s beguiling trio, Half Waif, sends un on a dazzling journey in her album Probable Depths… With swelling vocals, billowing synths, and blinking electronic melodies that lull us into a dream, the album is both achingly private and daringly open, as if each song was a stolen glance into Plunkett’s sonic world, each painting an acutely fine and deliberate stroke of her emotive life. A mellifluous pirouette of musical resplendence.” - The Deli Magazine

“what the full ‘Probable Depths‘ LP does is to throw its arms fully around the listener, not to tease you with the world itself depicts but to invite you all the way in and ask you to stay awhile, until what once felt distant and perplexing feels beautifully nuanced, a lush, vibrant, world, fierce with fire and fervour, that, over time and repeated visits, end up cozying up in, without the smallest intention of leaving.” - GoldFlakePaint

“Bjork’s got this feel, so does St. Vincent, but Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek is my favorite comparison. She and Plunkett share the stirring ability to mix clarity with out-there samples, pop-worthy hooks with Advanced Music Theory-final-thesis-worthy composition and finish it all with an ethereal, bleeding poetic sense.” - The Revue
“if you’re at all a fan of the type of pop artists that have a foot in the modern classical world, you should check this out. “Nest” has more than a few hints of Julia Holter, while most of the album is up a more similar alley to My Brightest Diamond/early Sufjan/etc. The whole eight-song thing is a great listen” - BrooklynVegan
And if that's not enough for you, check out the music video for "Nest" on DIY Mag and the band's full live set from a recent visit to the studio at WPIR Pratt Radio.

* * *

In other exciting new from DZ HQ, the next two tapes will be out next month, both very special rereleases for longtime friends of the label Wildhoney.

On their 2015 LP "Sleep Through It" (Deranged Records), the band proved themselves masters of creating a cohesive, yet diverse, full-length set of songs that left the listener wanting more. Critics noted the band's thoughtfulness and attention to dynamic.

In the other corner are "The Forgotten Works", the two EPs that started it all - a self-titled release (Nostalgium Directive) that showed off the band's heavy punk influences and first nervous forays into pop, and “Seventeen Forever” (Photobooth Records) on which the group advanced bravely forward, refining their sound and highlighting their catchy vocal melodies.

Meanwhile, a very special DZ alum Adam Torres has signed with Fat Possum Records for the release of his upcoming record due out in the fall! Adam and his band have a string of dates lined up in early June, check the full announcement here for the full schedule. 

Lastly, the 14th installment of Escape From DC Brunch is going down June 12 at Hole In The Sky, come BYOBrunch at enjoy a sunny afternoon of friendly vibes and groovy jives with Sitcom, Beverly Tender, and the new Poppy Patica full band lineup (click flyer for details):

I'm sure there's a few other things I've forgotten to post about with all the excitement boiling over in this post, so stay tuned for more updates on upcoming changes to boogie down~