timeless tempests

Adam Torres has been on a roll recently, playing a variety of shows around the Austin area, all while working on some great new material. Check out this amazing video for his new alt-folk opus "Hatchet":

Adam Torres performing "Hatchet" on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX (courtesy of Be Lie All)

* * *

It Is Rain In My Face. also continues to impress both on and off stage. Take a look at the live video below of Mat performing a new track "To Hide" earlier this week:

It Is Rain In My Face. performing "To Hide" at PIANOS in NYC (courtesy of BlackTRIN)



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GARY WAR "thousand yard stare"
FATIMA AL QADIRI "ghost raid"
KATAPULTO "paypal friends"
JIB KIDDER "lossy angeles"
PEARS "coasting"
GINSENG "bodybag"
TRIAD GOD "remand"
U CAN UNLEARN GUITAR "hammer on glass (real neat mix)"
POOL HOLOGRAPH "incognito"
BAH BU RAH "bubble tea"
FAUN AND A PAN FLUTE "party at banana's house"
YOM SAN "night and day (demo)"
TEEN DAZE "the heart of god"
WATER CHILD "heavy eyes"
TEEN SUICIDE "cop graveyard"
BAD LIAR "youthanized"
PARQUET COURTS "borrowed time"
LA SERA "drive on"
THE FURR "2 a.m."
YELLOW SON "teady bear"
PIPER SPRAY "afterdop (excerpt)"
DARK ROOM "other life"
CO LA "the oppressor"
JAMES FERRARO "lovesick"
MY DRY WET MESS "words i didn't"


sonic soothsayers

Last month's show with Blithe Field, Teen Suicide and Mono Lisa was a fantastic success! We powered through the remnants of Hurricane Sandy and were able to put on a great night of live music. It's been a few weeks since then, but I'd like to thank everyone who came out and showed their support through donations and snagging up merch. I'm hoping to put on the next event within the next month or two, so stay tuned for details. Another special shoutout to the University of Maryland's independent newspaper, the Diamondback, for posting this lovely article about the event and my showspace affectionately known as the Dougout.

Blithe Field (courtesy of Erica)

"spence n fletch"

Teen Suicide performing "Cop Graveyard" (courtesy of Spencer)

Teen Suicide (courtesy of Erica)

Mono Lisa (courtesy of Erica)