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GARY WAR "thousand yard stare"
FATIMA AL QADIRI "ghost raid"
KATAPULTO "paypal friends"
JIB KIDDER "lossy angeles"
PEARS "coasting"
GINSENG "bodybag"
TRIAD GOD "remand"
U CAN UNLEARN GUITAR "hammer on glass (real neat mix)"
POOL HOLOGRAPH "incognito"
BAH BU RAH "bubble tea"
FAUN AND A PAN FLUTE "party at banana's house"
YOM SAN "night and day (demo)"
TEEN DAZE "the heart of god"
WATER CHILD "heavy eyes"
TEEN SUICIDE "cop graveyard"
BAD LIAR "youthanized"
PARQUET COURTS "borrowed time"
LA SERA "drive on"
THE FURR "2 a.m."
YELLOW SON "teady bear"
PIPER SPRAY "afterdop (excerpt)"
DARK ROOM "other life"
CO LA "the oppressor"
JAMES FERRARO "lovesick"
MY DRY WET MESS "words i didn't"