ready for launch

well folks, tomorrow is kickstarter launch day and i've got a few things to share. at this point, half the tracks are up for preview, but you can expect more to be posted when the time is right. for now, here are some updates.

the overall goal for the project has come down to $1200. all donations will go directly towards the production and shipping of this project. an $8 donation gets the listener one copy and produces one copy for the artists. $1200 would be selling 150 tapes, but also producing an additional 150 tapes to spread amongst the contributors. i would absolutely hate to overshoot, not meet the goal and wind up with nothing (which is how kickstarter rolls), but i have also donated a little bit more personal funding to the cause.

i've got the final five artists here who have each agreed to contribute a track of their own.

remember, your help in spreading the word on this process is critical! very soon i will be sending out a PR wave to a large group of publications in hopes of gathering the interest of previously unreached audiences, but word-of-mouth friend-to-friend contact is the best form of promotion when it all comes down to it.



Giant Claw - Tunnel Mind

Chris Rehm - Itches/Wishes

Cough Cool - Disney Again

Howse - Ease

Osiris Glade - Mantis


pray hard

below are a few more of the artists on board for DZ01, still got a handful left unannounced too but hopefully this will satisfy the collective appetite until i post more tracks very soon.

for now, check out another awesome project a buddy of mine is putting together:


deetz n goalz

i'm finding it harder and harder to lay off the button...

there are still unreleased details to be addressed, but the blueprints for this project are nearly complete. as i may have already mentioned, the release will only be made available until the end of May. the time limit aspect is due impart to the donation-based fundraising nature of the project, but i am also getting more and more excited to share this with everyone as soon as possible.

after number crunching the fuck out of this thing and scrounging together some of my own dollars for essentials, the goal i'm aiming for is a mere $1600. this number is the result of budgeting down to create enough cassettes to satisfy public interest and to make sure each of the contributing artists can have something tangible to show/sell for their contributions. more importantly for everyone in the US, it means that costs will be below double-digit dollar$ for your copy of what should end up being almost two hours of gems and jams.

at this point, all i can leave you with is to not be surprised if you see a Kickstarter widget posted very soon.



Geotic - Walkthrough

Halls - Colossus

Galapagos - Friends

Teams - Lxv Spxll

Pepepiano - Millenium Wet Dream



while i'm still gathering interest from publications around the web, the reader comments i've received thus far have been extremely encouraging. thanks to everyone that has dropped by with some kind words, and i hope that with your continued support, this project will be a great success.

if you haven't already, please share this project with anyone you think may find it of interest. for now, here are a few more of the contributing artists.

as of right now it looks like orders will be open through the month of May via the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. stay up to date with more release info coming soon.



here's final front panel design for the cassette:

more designs to come in the future...