ready for launch

well folks, tomorrow is kickstarter launch day and i've got a few things to share. at this point, half the tracks are up for preview, but you can expect more to be posted when the time is right. for now, here are some updates.

the overall goal for the project has come down to $1200. all donations will go directly towards the production and shipping of this project. an $8 donation gets the listener one copy and produces one copy for the artists. $1200 would be selling 150 tapes, but also producing an additional 150 tapes to spread amongst the contributors. i would absolutely hate to overshoot, not meet the goal and wind up with nothing (which is how kickstarter rolls), but i have also donated a little bit more personal funding to the cause.

i've got the final five artists here who have each agreed to contribute a track of their own.

remember, your help in spreading the word on this process is critical! very soon i will be sending out a PR wave to a large group of publications in hopes of gathering the interest of previously unreached audiences, but word-of-mouth friend-to-friend contact is the best form of promotion when it all comes down to it.