Here's yet another badass screenprint from my main man Sean Berg for today's show at the Dougout, featuring WEEKENDS, BEST WITCHES, BBAATBIFFFS, and CRUMMS. More details about the show can be found by clicking the poster below. We'll be giving these out with every purchase of band merch while supplies last!

The Sweets just put out a new 7" from Bleeding Gold Records, featuring four flawless tracks pressed on glow-in-the-dark vinyl and limited to 250 copies.

Lastly, wanna send thanks out to Creative Loafing for the Easily Suede shoutout! Nice little blurb there plus a preview of a new cassette from another fellow Faun and a Pan Flute member Carey, released on Crash Symbols.


spring solstice

The Dougout has a few shows lined up for the upcoming months, but the one I'm most excited about is coming up on Saturday, March 29. As always, anybody who happens to be in the DC area is welcome to drop by and check out the music! All pertinent details can be found here, and stay tuned for a sick screenprinted show poster coming soon from Sean Berg. The lineup is as follows:

WEEKENDS (noise rock from BALTIMORE)
☯ ☯ BEST WITCHES (post-punk from CHICAGO)
☯ ☯ ☯ BBAATBIFFFS (grindcore thrash from CHICAGO)
☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ CRUMMS (garage surf from DC)

Easily Suede tapes have begun to disseminate around the globe, and due to a slip up on my end a decent chunk of the orders were made with no charge for shipping. Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy thus far, and enjoy the free delivery on me!

Our good friend It Is Rain In My Face. continues to shine through the endless gray sky with yet another new EP entitled "Permanent Winter". Thanks to everyone who donated to Mat's recent kickstarter, he'll soon be making the trip down to Ardent Studios in Memphis to record yet another EP due out by the end of the year.



In between working on various creative projects, Adam Babar has thoughtfully developed a unique dose of intimately lucid aleatoric electronica. Throughout the years, his solo act Easily Suede has been knitting a boundless audio quilt of sample-based soft beats, warm hushed tones and candid sound collage. See "Reliefs", an album weaved from sunbeam strings that shimmer through cracks in the canopy, shining on keys that crisply cut through the air like leaves in a breeze, and rest upon the biolectronic cadence of a forest floor suppressing endless molten gyrations.

DZ TAPES is proud to present this long overdue physical release, originally put out digitally through Atlanta collective Primitive Patterns. Available March 12 in a limited run of so-fresh-so-clean solid-white cassettes, the album will be accompanied by a brand new collection of Adam's work entitled "Easily" out on Mission Trips the same day. Babar will be celebrating his tandem triumphs at The Mammal Gallery in Atlanta this Saturday with a performance by his side-project Suffer Dragon. In his own words, he describes DZ12:

"[It's] kind of an audio journal of the year 2012. I spent the better part of the year recording it and each track references inside jokes and snippets of my friends from candid recordings on my phone, or inebriated Voxer threads from throughout that year. The entire album was recorded on little-to-no budget. All the tracks were recorded direct into the microphone jack on my laptop, recorded and mixed using Audacity, and mastered by Atlanta pop-smith David Norbery in exchange for a bottle of whiskey."

"Take an immersive listen through headphones and each number reveals nods to high-minded sonic explorers such as Christian Marclay, Philip Glass and Steve Reich; crate-digging hip-hop producers like Madlib and DJ Shadow; audio anthropologists Matmos, and skittering, modern electronica synthesists like Four Tet. Ultimately, Reliefs highlights Babar's effortless, almost accidental approach to capturing audio impulses and shaping them into multi-faceted sonic sketches that function on a number of levels: headphone pop, hip-hop instrumentals, audio pranks, ethereal ambient, and the list goes on." - Creative Loafing


night running

Two quick bits of news here to keep you satisfied until a much bigger reveal later this week:

Pool Holograph have just released a stellar new single "Night Running" in anticipation of their next album due out later this year. Clear your schedule, dive into the song and lose track of time.

It Is Rain In My Face. has a kickstarter going to help him get to Ardent Studios in Memphis to record his next EP. Consider throwing a few duckets Mat's way to help get him back in the studio.