There's one last candied-coated bit of communique to share before the year runs out that's sweet enough to send you into sugar shock - the next DZ release is scheduled to debut on January 21 and features 18 home-brewed cuts from Winston Salem, NC. 

In 2013 The Sweets conjured the gods of grit to graft a slew of sick rips we've dubbed the "Greatest Hits". Side A showcases tenacious tracks hot enough to set the garage aflame. Side B subdues the fire to a slow burning ember mound sound enough to settle down and unwind by, complete with gruesome campfire stories*.

*Number of stories limited to one per tape.

Earlier this week, the folks over at Tympanogram were kind enough to debut "I Didn't Ask For Your Permission To Date Your Sister", the freely available "scuffed-up pop gem" found above. Impose also shared some love for the label, nominating DYVNZMBR2 as one of its favorite cassette compilations of 2013. "This listens like an unguided tour of some of my favorite artists and tracks from last year." There's more gaseously good news bubbling up soon so keep your radar online.



Just as you thought things were wound down for the winter freeze, a few more acorns fall from the tree.

It Is Rain In My Face. further elevated his diverse repertoire of sounds with a new collection of songs on the "Bumrush Day EP",

Ghostandthesong snuck out the new track "Signs" (featuring Lindsey Motlow) behind your back,

and Chris Rehm released the third cassette in his Monthly Tape Series, an assortment of styles put together for the various works by his filmmaker friend Derek Beck.

A little closer to home, all four DZ tapes from this year were given superlative honors with placements on the "Best Tapes of 2013" from the folks at Myspace and Tabs Out. The recognition is certainly appreciated, y'all - see you next year.