While the sun sets on 2012 and the surrounding world seems to slip into a state of hibernation, the DZ beast continues to conjure up dreams of discord. One of the aural specters being summoned from slumberlust takes its form as the weaving folktronic collage-pop fabricated by Brighton producer Birkwin Jersey. Graeme Coop, the mind and spirit at the helm of this budding project, has been hard at work composing new material in preparation for his upcoming full-length release.

As a 2012 parting gift, Graeme has prepared an otherworldly mix of old and new tracks sprinkled with enough rheum to soothe your howling incubus until his latest creations are ready to be unleashed. Enjoy the Sleepwalken premix below, and look for "Between The Weather & The Sea" on DZ TAPES and Absent Fever, due out early 2013.