I'm excited to say DZ05 is on it's way. The new release stars Adam Torres, a melanchonlic singer/songwriter from Austin, TX. These home recordings are naturally bathed in a light and lush low-fidelity aesthetic, featuring the honest acoustics akin to the styles of Nick Drake and Guided By Voices.

In other news, every month I like to put out a mix of new and notable tracks that have come my way. This month, ZOMBEARadio43 features over 30 tracks spanning nearly 2 hours from the following artists:

Dan Deacon / Dustin Wong / Haleek Maul / Teams / Bodyguard / Pressed And / Jerry Paper / Groundislava / Yola Fatoush / Jeans Wilder / Space Ghost / Halcyon Silence / It Is Rain In My Face. / Hotel Mexico / Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti / Manor / Hazey Jane / Baldruin / Indigenous Peoples / Silver Jews / Call Before You Dig / Parae / Teen Suicide / Ty Segall Band / Wet Hair / Orchard Thief / White Fence / Ether Island / Cankun / HxH / Clams Casino

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Lastly, all current releases are sold out, but the free tape giveaway contest is still going on. LIKE us on Facebook and post a comment with your chocie for 2012 Album of the Year so far to have a chance at winning one of the last remaining copies of DZ01-04.