loud in northeast

DZ TAPES kicked off the new year with a monstrously loud show featuring some outstanding performances from Weekends, Teen Mom, The Plums, Cult & Leper and Cowboy Band. The party raged into the early morning thanks to the killer music and cool crowd, and it proved to be the most colossal gig at the Dougout to date. Thanks to everyone who came out to party, anyone who bought merch or made a donation, and of course to all the bands for rocking their hearts out. Stay tuned for upcoming concerts, and check out the photos below for a recap of the fun that went down this past weekend:

Weekends (courtesy of Charity)

Weekends (courtesy of Adam)
 Teen Mom (courtesy of Charity)

The Plums (courtesy of Charity)

Cult & Leper (courtesy of Charity)

Cowboy Band (courtesy of Charity)