racecar ɹɐɔǝɔɐɹ

It's finally here, the kickstarter has launched and for the rest of May 2011 only, you can help get this tape made and reserve your copy for as low as $8.

What's special about this project that I think I may have failed to stress is that your donations go directly towards not just copies for you, _the listener_, but for all the contributing artists to support the music makers we love. In the end, my goal is to provide copies for anyone willing to donate to the cause, and arguably the artists are a gigantic part of that.

With a little over 3 weeks remaining, a total of 21 backers have so far donated $267, which puts us at 22% funded. This means there are just over 100 copies left to be reserved before the project can be claimed a success. However, if the $1200 goal is not met by the end of May, the project as it is will be in jeopardy. An amazing group has already begun to come forward in support, thank you to everyone who has donated so far, I appreciate each and every one of you. For everyone else, please check out the kickstarter if you're interested and tell anybody that you think may share that interest, because that's the only way that this magic happens.