with the next tape not scheduled for release until march due to some budgetary restrictions, i figured i'd invite you all to check out my podcast, ZOMBEARadio. the podcast spans across all styles and feels to provide listeners an expansive preview of a myriad of independent artists who i find either through personal research or from my ever-growing email inbox. the podcast was initially put out on a weekly basis, but since i have grown busier it has been limited to sporadic releases every couple of weeks.

ZOMBEARadio episode 38 features 24 tracks spanning almost 80 minutes and can be accessed using the following links (or through the media player in the top-right corner):

(00:00) postijonen satisfaction
(02:06) ryan hemsworth three hours in
(04:53) marble lion buried
(09:14) birkwin jersey asleep at the seaside
(12:00) sandro perri futureactive kid (pt. 2)
(13:54) mikal cronin tide
(16:50) cloud nothings stay useless
(19:29) the orwells suspended
(21:56) palm reader vivian
(25:59) ghostandthesong urban jungle
(28:40) kam3l3in the spirit or the ghost
(32:08) lockets camera shy
(36:11) bosco yea-yay
(38:55) octo octa let me see you
(42:49) seabright swells
(46:25) time wharp yrlyf
(51:07) napolian rejoice (excerpt)
(52:43) lee noble born mistake
(56:47) romantic states delivery
(59:47) aygeetee seaquesting
(62:14) main attrakionz + shady blaze near (prod. friendzone)
(66:10) asap rocky pretty flacko (prod. spaceghostpurrp)
(69:10) macintosh plus
(75:21) googoosh mano tou