The latest releases for Pool Holograph and Birkwin Jersey have both received some very nice accolades from the folks at Ad HocThe FADER, I Found MusicNeighborhood Tapes, Obscure SoundPortals, and This Is Fake DIY, and Weed Temple.

This past month has been much busier than expected at DZ HQ, but things are finally getting caught up to where they should be. All orders have been shipped out, my thanks go out to everyone for your patience. Being the only one running the show here, things can bottleneck fairly quickly if there's even a slight delay, so I appreciate you all bearing with me. The tapes all look and sound really good, so if you haven't ordered yours yet there's no better time than the present!

In other news, two additional releases are currently in the works and should be ready for release in the spring! Stay tuned for further details. :)