like lava

While from afar things may appear to be moving at a snail's pace, there are quite a few fun projects lined up for the near future at DZ HQ. So to help share the excitement for summer, there is now a temporary discount being offered on every physical purchase and digital download over at the Shop. To take advantage of this, simply use promo code "laroche25" at checkout to receive 25% off all orders until May 5.

The next DZ release is in it's final trimester of before birth. San Jose producer Seabright has been working his alchemy to fuse molten gems for the upcoming cassette "Tomorrow". Check out these preview tracks for a sneak peak:

In other news, the most recent showcase at the Dougout went off without a hitch late last month. Thanks to all the artists and fans for coming out to explore some untraversed aural soundscapes.

Lost Trail (courtesy of Charity)

Prism House (courtesy of Charity)

One more update out of Chicago, where Pool Holograph have been hard at work recording their next full-length release "Montage". The band has been kind enough to share a preview with us; watch them perform "Necking" in their practice space below:

Lastly, I'd like to thank Ian from Cactus Mouth / Chill Mega Chill for the profile piece he put together for DZ TAPES over at PORTALS. Interested parties can scope out the article here. More updates will be coming soon, so stay sound and keep curious.