misplaced lobe

Production on DZ09 is in its final stages, and after a few months of setbacks I'm happy to announce the release of the second DZ mixtape. Featuring over 20 tracks from various artists from the independent international DZ community, DYVNZMBR2 will be available in limited numbers starting mid-June. As with its predecessor, the mix covers a vast variety of experimental electronica that's sure to take your primary auditory cortex on rollercoaster ride. Check out some sample tracks below and stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Earlier this month at DZ HQ, we were lucky enough to host a handful of talented artists from the local area join us at the Dougout for an early evening showcase. The performances were are beautiful, and I'd like to thank everyone who came out for their support. 

Peals enveloped the audience with blissful, meditative layers of gentle guitars, quiet keys and other abstract sonic tools to create a cerebral concoction of auditory intimacy. The band performed a collection of cuts from their newly released LP "Walking Field", currently available from Thrill Jockey. The duo was joined by fellow Baltimore acts Romantic States and Amanda Schmidt, both sharing their own distinctly delicate minimalist oscillations, and Princess Reason from College Park's Tricot Records, who helped round out the group with their unique blend of sentimental pop.

Peals (courtesy of Nano)

"pinnacle of peals"

Peals (courtesy of Charity)

Princess Reason (courtesy of Nano)