The DYVNZMBR2 mixtape has at long last been released to the wild. The compilation contains 21 tracks, each uniquely voltaic and illustrative, from DZ homies near and far, spanning from east to west across the entirety of this new weird America that I call home, to the outskirts of distant mother Russia's electrowasteland, and a freckling of spots spaced out in between.

Available as a free stream and download below, the mixtape is also (naturally) available on cassette as part of a limited edition release of 50 professionally dubbed C75s housed in bumblebee-yellow shells. At the time of this posting, almost half of these tapes have already been spoken for, but you can still visit the shop to claim one for yourself.

We've also got something new to whet your appetite for ocular entertainment from DZ favorite It Is Rain In My Face., who has been busy this year having just recently released his new Languish In The Evening EP and is currently on tour with Tom Kitty Oliver to promote the release of their joint project Pressed And's latest release Stone Candles on Mush Records. Now we revist one of the singles from his self-titled full-length debut, "Duck In A Row", with a new video directed by Tobias Stretch. Check out the chilling scene below, and grab one of the last few copies of DZ06 at the shop if you're looking for something to keep you cool this summer.

"Duck In A Row" - It Is Rain In My Face. from Mat Jones.