Cassette Store Day

Today is the first ever Cassette Store Day, and while the debate remains open as to whether this will be good or bad for the format and the industry, I'm finding it hard to contain my excitement. Stores from around the world will be releasing exclusive tapes from favorites like Deerhunter, Spectrals, Animal Collective, Teen Suicide, Gold Panda, and many others.

To celebrate, all downloads and merch in the DZ store will be marked off 20% this weekend by using the code "CSD" at checkout. And when your eyeballs have a free moment, take a look at these quick reads discussing some of the pros and cons of this new musical holiday.

I also want to thank the dudes at Tabs Out and Ad Hoc for the kind words on DYVNZMBR2, saying it "runs the gamut of electronic music, from glitched-out beats to feedback-laden buzzsaw drones and lo-fi downtempo hazers. It’s like a huge sandwich that’s too big to get your mouth around so you gotta take it home and cut it up cause you and I both know if you even try it, that shit's falling out of the bread and landing in your lap."