August is fast approaching and we've got some fun things in store here in the district. I've been working as part of a group organizing the first ever In It Together Fest, a weekend-long celebration of DIY culture in DC, filled with music, art, workshops, biking, skating, cooking, and positive ways to inspire change and creativity in the community. The entire festival spans from July 31 to August 3, takes place over the city, and serves to benefit some amazing organizations like Positive Force DC, Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center, and The Way Home Campaign. If you can't wait for more inFest updates here on the blog, click the link above for more information.

Last week, we at the Dougout hosted a promotional show featuring some exemplary east coast acts in Pinkwash, Young Trynas, Joy Buttons and The Sniffs

Pinkwash (courtesy of Andrade)

Young Trynas (courtesy of Andrade)

Joy Buttons (courtesy of Andrade)

The Sniffs (courtesy of Andrade)

The next show was just a few nights later - Warehouse and Narrator came in from Atlanta, Amadels trekked down from New York, while Go Cozy and Anchor 3 rounded out the bill with their local flavors.

Warehouse (courtesy of Ron)

Narrator (courtesy of Ron)

 Go Cozy (courtesy of Ron)