in it together fest 2

There's some pretty cool news in the pipeline that I'm very excited to share, but today kicks off In It Together Fest 2 and with over 70 bands and 40 artists exhibiting at over 20 events around Washington DC, there's some things I've got to get to first...



[07:00p] Print Show #1 ft. Baby Bry Bry @ 69:30 Club

[07:00p] Blizzard Babies / Bless / Valencia @ 453 Florida

[07:30p] BRNDA Album Release Show ft. Wildhoney / Den-Mate @ Black Cat

[07:30p] Atoka Chase / Near Northeast / Laurel Rose / Pat Jones @ GlowHouse

[08:00p] Paint Branch / Norwegian Arms / Chief Scout / Wanted Man @ Paperhaus


[05:00p] ARTSHOW_13: Going Out Of Business @ Hole In The Sky

[07:00p] RDGLDGRN / Laughing Man / Concord America @ Babe City

[08:00p] Kal Marks / Lady Bones / How To Be Topp / Sealab @ The (Sea) Lab

[08:00p] Youth Crush / The Public / Möbius Strip / Heart Attack Man / Misled Youth @ The Dougout


[12:00p] Empower DC Benefit Show ft. Eshovo / Motherknuckle @ Lamont Street Collective

[12:00p] Vundabar / June Gloom / Ezra Mae And The Gypsy Moon / Reed Appleseed / Lunchbox @ Ezra Mae's

[01:00p] Leapling / More Humans / Really Big Pinecone / Mattress Financial / Teen Mom @ The Beehive

[01:00p] Wing Dam / Witch Coast / Shark Week / Dark Tunnels / Laurel Rose / Grey Gardens @ Crack Rock Creek Church

[03:00p] In It Together Short Film Screening @ The Lookout

[04:30p] ★ Official InFestDC Showcase ★ ft. Cayetana / Thou / Rozwell Kid / Pygmy Lush / Two Inch Astronaut / Soda Bomb / ORCA / Jail Solidarity / The Black Sparks / Meridian @ St. Stephen's

[11:00p] Hurry / Late Bloomer / Alright @ Black Cat


[11:00a] Drone Brunch ft. The Plums / Chester Hawkins / Obetrol / Jack On Fire @ Spacelab-A

[12:00p] Free Play Pinball Party @ Lyman's Tavern

[12:00p] ShowPony / Breakup Season / Default Handshake @ AlleyCatHouse

[02:30p] Lilac Daze / Big Moth / Glueboy / Rachel Kline @ Above The Bayou

[06:00p] Positive Force 30th Anniversary Celebration ft. Big Hush / Swings / Didi / Collider / Broken Grids @ St. Stephen's


If you're like me and just can't wait for IITF2, dive into the latest episode of In Yr Basement Radio to get a preview of the fun to come plus some unique insight behind the scenes with some of the people who helped put it together.

And don't sleep on picking up a copy of the InFestDC mixtape before they're all gone...


In It Together Fest (IITF, InFestDC, etc.) is a four-day celebration of underground art, music, and activism at all venues propagating independent culture throughout the District of Columbia. Empowered by the hope to build a community amongst disparate DIY spaces, we've come together to foster participation, encourage new ideas, and highlight the under-appreciated. IITF aims to challenge, embolden the marginalized among us, and help transform our creative community into one free of traditional boundaries and productive in its endeavors. All events associated with IITF are all ages, always.

The two main showcases will be hosted at St. Stephen's, a church that has hosted DIY benefit shows for three decades thanks to Positive Force DC, an activist collective seeking radical social change, personal growth, and youth empowerment. This year we'll be helping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Positive Force and Revolution Summer with an awesome benefit show with a special endowment from the DC City Council.

Thanks to these progressive community stapes, we'll be able to raise funds for three amazing local non-profit organizations doing great work throughout the District:
  • We Are Family DC ...bringing advocacy, services, organizing, and companionship into the homes of the elderly, while helping to build friendships across boundaries like race, class, religion, age, culture, and sexual orientation.
  • DC Abortion Fund ...an all-volunteer nonprofit that makes grants to pregnant people in the D.C. area who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion.
In It Together Fest is proud to uphold a safer spaces policy, vowing to make all venues involved welcoming, engaging, and supportive environments free of oppressive actions, behaviors, and language. Participants and attendees are asked to consider how their language and behavior impacts others in attendance. Racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated, in tabling material or at the Fest itself at any and all affiliated spaces and/or in materials promoting such events at said spaces.


For more information on In It Together Fest, please visit the website: 



...but that's not all! The following weekend on Sunday August 9, don't miss the fifth installment of Escape From DC Brunch at Hole In The Sky, featuring Turnip King, Bless, and Teen Liver - click flyer for details.