big heart

There's been a large outpouring of coverage for Big Hush's Wholes EP and with the cassette release show coming up, I wanted to share some of the lovely responses the release has gotten so far!
"The sound is one that functions not unlike the band’s name would leave you believe. It’s a sound that barrels through a wooly cavern with robust, toothy guitars, hypnotically layered vocals, and glassy, portentous drums...contemplative, staring at the ceiling above your bed sort of music... Every track of the EP feels like it’s peeling away at the initial sound the band serves up – becoming more vulnerable with every song, yet extremely bold at every turn. At end, you are simply left to press play again." – Decoder Magazine
"instantly captivating, wrapping you up like a blanket with fuzzy, shoegazey sonics that gently allow interesting, sweet harmonies to appear, cloud-like...the instrumental melodies resonate directly, creating a balanced sound with a ton of energy bouncing behind the softer feeling, distorted atmospherics...the performances and harmonies are tight, but the record feels energetic, loose, and free. Throughout, Wholes simply feels great to listen to." – DCist
"sunny tunes with remarkable tact and unarguable hooks, turning the blacktop into a bonafide dance party. Smiles on smiles, Big Hush played one of the most memorable sets I’ve seen this year...their execution is invigorating and artful" – Frontier Psychiatrist
(Big Hush courtesy of Lang Kanai)
"a collection of fantastic, slow burning tracks... patiently written and fuzzed out in the best way possible." – Heart And Soul
"wonderfully melodic vocal hooks that stay in your mind long after listening." – 9:30 Club <5k
"Its title track is its most articulate, even while its vocals sound like sighs. As Ludwig’s feathery voice hangs in the air, Wuerker and guitarist Sean Borja go back and forth on guitars in a call-and-response. The bass, played by Chris Taylor, sounds like it’s leading us down a rabbit hole." – WAMU Bandwidth
"a pensive yet compelling release that highlights Big Hush’s range and breadth as composers and songwriters...elegant, smoothed-out, sentimental and sinuous shoegaze...a brilliant blend of droopy, dreamy and fuzzy guitars sweetly bathed by Genevieve Ludwig’s softly-sung folk-pop vocals. Big Hush is a band that needs to be heard" – DC Music Download [1] [2]

Special thanks goes out to all these publications, Hometown Sounds for inclusion in their podcast, and additional coverage from Circuit Sweet, The Jangle Box, and Don't Need No Melody.

Don't forget, you can download the EP for free and get your copy of the cassette at the merch store. Hope to see all my favorite DC people at the release show this Saturday to pick up a tape and catch Chris Forsyth!