Since the release of their debut full-length Bad Brother last year, Two Inch Astronaut have been melting the minds of DIY show-goers here in DC and along the East Coast, but nowhere more-so than at the Dougout. Their new album Foulbrood, out now on Exploding In Sound Records, showcases just how much the band's sound is expanding to become exceedingly more complex while retaining its accessibility, like a rubix cube with shades of post-punk, post-hardcore, and everything in between.

It's been a pleasure to watch the band grow over time, so I'm proud to announce DZ TAPES will be hosting the official album release show, featuring support from some top-notch East Coast talent. Check out the rest of the bands below and click the flyer to RSVP for the show on December 7.
※ BIG UPS (NY) fearsome tough love punctual post-punk
※ ※ MANNEQUIN PUSSY (PHL) razor sharp shitpunk like bats trapped in a tent
※ ※ ※ WASHER (NY) stripped-down punk with melodic distortion
※ ※ ※ ※ JAIL SOLIDARITY (DC) fuck the man post-hardcore noise rock sludge

In other news, the Big Hush cassette release show almost went off without a hitch until the apex of Chris Forsyth's finale, in which a crucial surge protector was knocked loose from its outlet causing the entire build up to come crashing down in a deafening silence.

Notwithstanding this minor calamity, the show was a great success thanks to great music from the aforementioned lovelies as well as the Anthony Pirog Trio and Golden Triangle. Just before the show, Brightest Young Things had some great things to say about Big Hush in an interview piece conducted with co-singer/songwriter Owen Wuerker.
"Big Hush shucks the limitations of the shoegaze sound, pushing vocal melodies and lyricism to the forefront and using their noisy instrumental texture as support rather than the center of the song. The result is a huge step forward for the band; their loudest tendencies now affect the emotive character of the compositions, and showcase their deft songwriting."
You can read the full interview here.

Hazey Jane also received some love recently from Unrecorded, calling DZ13 "a great collection of off-kilter beats composed of odd samples, drum machines, and guitar."

And last but certainly not least, folk freaks in Chicago should be on the look out for Adam Torres, who makes his Windy City debut on December 13 to accompany a preview screening of A Good Person, presented by the Logan Square International Film Series. Click here to RSVP and get more information about the movie.